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    I am a student from Xinhua Middle School in Chongqing,China. Informed that you have a vacancy for a student to serve as the spokesman for animals, I cannot resist my inner excitement,hoping to seize the opportunity to do something for animals .


    In my mind,nothing can delight me so much as caring for animals. Wherever I go and whatever I do, I usually keep in mind that animals are angels from the heaven, which bring us endless comfort and pleasure. I have been a panda lover since my childhood. Panda is so lovely that brings fun to people and they are regarded as the treasure of our country. Unfortunately,such a rare species is now faced with the danger of being extinct。What I am eager to do is to raise people’s awareness of animal protection and appeal to more people to care for our earth companies.


    It is my belief that all human beings can make a difference together. I would appreciate it if my application could get your approval.


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